William Aarnes/Poetry, 2015

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Answer the Call


Go home, meet
your Maker, accept
your just reward,
grow wings, join
the choir.

Take a bow,
make your exit,
go out in style.

Have some peace
and quiet.

Hang it up.

Pass away, on, over.
Pop off.

Kick the bucket,
buy the farm, bite
the dust, feed
the worms.

Cash in
your chips, check out.

Pay the price.


picWilliam Aarnes has published two collections; Learning to Dance (Ninety-Six Press, 1991) andPredicaments (Ninety-Six Press, 2001). His work has appeared in such magazines as Poetry, The Seneca Review, and Red Savina Review. Recent poems have appeared in Main Street Rag, Shark Reef, and Empty Sink.


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