Theresa Hamman / Poetry 4.1/ Spring 2016





Remembered happiness is agony;
So is remember agony.

-Donald Hall, “Midwinter Letter”

Tell me again
how grief waters
the iris of an eye
bound to forget you.

Remind me
to walk this shore without
your hand
or your warm skin
beneath your coat.

I no longer hear you
whisper prayers

or sing ice
over this sea.

Show me again the way
your hair fell white
covering your eyes.

My callings
go unanswered

and the sunset
has lost your name.


3ce7abdb-80a3-4429-8548-bc74bde880b9Theresa Hamman
is a poet, second year MFA student at Eastern Oregon University, and editor of EOU’s literary journal, Oregon East.  Her poetry can be found in Oregon East and Nailed Magazine.  She lives in La Grande, Oregon and enjoys spending time with her family when she is not writing.


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