Suzanne O’Connell / Poetry 6.1 / Spring, 2018



Kimchi Fried Rice

Where naked chicken breasts
sat in repose every other night,
a bubbling deforestation project sat instead.
A blazing firepot,
a volcanic fusion of funk,
a cauldron of atomic goodness.

Orange smoke,
the kind magicians use
when they pull a live bird
out of a secret compartment,
blew through, hot and dry.
The wooden cabinets breathed in,
coughed a little,
but will remember the scent.

Vegetables were added:
shiitake mushrooms, spinach,
onions, garlic, peas, broccoli.
Master Kimchi,
hands on hips like Yul Brynner
in The King and I,
pointed and laughed.

doesn’t hide from anyone,
is an extrovert,
doesn’t sneak up on you,
has been told to tone itself down,
wears orange and red. Together.
Kimchi may be a Scorpio.

When I washed my face for bed,
I felt renewed, worldly, traveled.
Like life itself had snuck up on me.
I smiled into the mirror.


Suzanne O’Connell’s recently published work can be found in Poet Lore, Bluestem, Forge, Atlanta Review, Juked, Existere, Crack The Spine, Pennsylvania English,  Evening Street Review,Paragon Journal, Drunk Monkeys, and The Louisville Review. O’Connell was nominated for a Best Of The Net Award (2015), and a Pushcart Prize (2015 and 2017). Her first poetry collection, “A Prayer For Torn Stockings,” was published by Garden Oak Press (2016).


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