Robert Vivian / Creative Nonfiction 4.1/ Spring, 2016





   Essay As The World’s Worst Jeweler

For he has been balled up and thrown away 10,000 times into the valley of the skull and scrap heaps only to pogo like a severed leafy head down the cobblestones of nil and so he loves and cherishes all flaws as he is profound flaw himself in his effort to be and to say and has been retrieved and flattened like a crinkled map whose coordinates point to pure wandering, no destination or x marking the spot but walking flaneur meditation on a button or a doorknob or one day last summer when essay fell asleep in a meadow and little birds entered his mouth one by one and essay is wary and even afraid of any perceived perfection or striving after thereto, essay digressing constantly and asking questions for which there are no answers—will you marry me, the bark of a cherry wood tree—and will you seek to enter the temple of a fish by way of artificial fly, outlandish streamer, the nymph named after a prince with the feathers of a peacock, and essay doesn’t even believe in the value of pearls or gems but adores the least humble pebble and stone at the bottom of a river where he often wanders and wades like a gobsmacked fool, essay on an errand of ecstasy and union with a floating leaf, a bald eagle feather or any precious and windblown thing that was once a part of flight for essay dreams of flying and hopes his one page self will be turned into a paper airplane by a child’s loving hands with the aerodynamics of an arrow so that he may soar and coast as long as a breeze will take him, essay on the loose, essay gone wild, essay so briefly above the earth he can see and breathe almost all of it before he crashes into the ground or a hillside or even the haunches of a deer sipping from a stream at midnight below a harvest moon for essay wishes to catalyze her startled leap in a graceful arc and parabola without equal in the annals of bound before Quick, look, there she goes and now she is gone dearer than any hush or murmur, heartbreaking ballet of vaulted alarm.

eed4d920-7ebb-4b90-904d-e108dae0d45eRobert Vivian’s first book of dervish essays called Mystery My Country (collection of prose poems) will be published early this spring 2016 along with another book called Traversings co-written with the poet Richard Jackson.His work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Creative Nonfiction, Glimmer Train, Georgia Review, and many other journals. He teaches at Alma College and in the low-residency MFA program at The Vermont College of Fine Arts.


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