Rick McKenzie / Poetry 6.2 / Fall, 2018





3 musicians” Art by Hiram Lewis Silver City, NM



It’s really quite persuasive, but it isn’t what it seems.
The deal that you believe you got is stretched over the need
That torments the corporation. Where you think you stand
But don’t, and all that you will end up finally doing,
Are masked by your perception of quite substantial gains.
As this corporation pursues its ends through time,
When necessity demands, its form will slowly change.
No one will be missed, not you, your boss, nor CEO.
There will be different ants and brand-new ways for cash to flow.


Rick McKenzie’s work has appeared in Yale Review, Mantis, The Round, Minnetonka Review, Wisconsin Review, Pearl, and the anthology Hipology from Broadside Press. He taught preschool for many years, then worked as a park ranger. He and Barbara enjoy camping, canoeing, snorkeling, and just about anything outdoors.


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