Gayle Kaune / Poetry 6.1 / Spring, 2018




A Story About the Journey

I am window over water,
wheat fields with sharp stubble,
gum in the mouth of a swan.

One day I took the anvil of my soul
and gave Father a room in a nursing home.
It was easy, the red envelope was empty
and I’d watched peaches in the blue bowl
for so long they grew rank
with bruises and flies.
All it takes is time.

And about my heart—
One day it stands in protest
lines against the war
and the next makes love
in a velvet room.

I want to read Bazooka comics
and pretend I’m in an art museum
studying Roy Lichentenstein
when really, I’m at my desk
praying the Virgin Mary will deliver
me from routine.

Once I went to Paris
and the pissoirs were missing—
all those art-patterned urinals removed
from the sidewalks.
Or maybe not.

Memory is like that: on her deathbed
did Mother say, Goodbye I love you,
or, I wish we’d fixed your teeth?


Gayle Kaune is published widely in literary magazines. Her chapbooks include Concentric Circles and N-Sid-Sen Star. Her book, Still Life in the Physical World, was published by Blue Begonia press and her latest, All the Birds Awake, is from Tebot Bach. A new book, Noise from Stars, is forthcoming, summer, 2018.She is a retired psychotherapist and lives with her husband in Port Townsend, WA.




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