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Perle Besserman

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 Perle Besserman is recipient of the Theodore Hoepfner Fiction Award, past writer-in-residence at the Mishkenot Sha’ananim Artists’ Colony in Jerusalem and Pushcart Prize-nominee. She’s the author of the autobiographical novel Pilgrimage (Houghton Mifflin). Her short fiction has appeared in The Southern Humanities Review, AGNI, Transatlantic Review, Nebraska Review, Southerly, North American Review, and Bamboo Ridge, among others. For more info, visit

Sara Dupree


Sara Dupree’s work has appeared in Alligator Juniper, Conclave Journal, and the Ashland Creek Press anthology Among Animals. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of North Dakota where she has received the Thomas McGrath award for poetry and the John Little award for Fiction. She looks forward to raising Nubian goats after she graduates.

Uxue Alberdi Estibaritz

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Uxue Alberdi Estibaritz is a writer and an improvisational poet. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of the Basque Country. She has published two short-story collections, Aulki bat elurretan, 2007 (A chair on the snow) and Euli-giro,2013 (Time of Chagrin), and a novel entitled Aulki-jokoa, 2009 (Musical Chairs) among others. She has also published children stories: Ezin dut eta zer? (I can’t do It, so?); Marizikina naiz eta zer? (I’m messy, so?) eta Txikitzen zaretenean (When you shrink).

Richard Krause

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Richard Krause’s collection of fiction, Studies in Insignificance, was published by Livingston Press (2003) and his epigram collection, Optical Biases, was published by Eyecorner Press (2012) in Denmark.  Seventy of his epigrams are translated into Italian at, an international website for aphorists.  His writing has more recently appeared in The Alembic, J Journal, Hotel Amerika, qarrtsiluni, Fraglit, Scapegoat Review, and The Long Story. He teaches at Somerset Community College in Kentucky.

John Milas

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John Milas lives in Illinois where he works and studies creative writing. His writing has appeared in Hypertext Magazine, Glass Mountain, and Eunoia Review. He loves chili peppers but does not recommend eating whole, ripe habaneros.

Douglas Penick


Douglas Penick’s short work has appeared in Tricycle, Descant, Agni, Kyoto Journal among others. He has written novels on the 3rd Ming Emperor (Journey of the North Star), the adventures of spiritual seekers (Dreamers and Their Shadows), and, most recently, a collection about cultural displacement (From The Empire of Fragments). Photo credit: Martin Fritter.

Abigail Shaw


At eighteen, Abigail Shaw spends most of her time studying English Literature at The University of Manchester, writing stories her parents will disapprove of and posting pictures of cats on social media.

Mary McLaughlin Slechta

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Mary McLaughlin Slechta is the author of the poetry collection Wreckage on a Watery Moon. Her fiction was recently published in Workers Write! and Midway Journal, and she was guest prose editor for the anthology I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand (great weather for Media). A story previously appeared in Red Savina Review.  A gamebook-style novel for ESL readers is coming out this fall from Night Owls Press.


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