Fiction 4.1/ Spring, 2016

Alex Haber


Alex Haber is a fiction writer from Michigan. His work has been published in The Furious Gazelle, The Bangalore Review, and several other journals. He received his MFA from George Mason University. Visit his website at

James Hanna


James Hanna is making his third appearance in Red Savina Review. He has recently retired from the San Francisco Probation Department where he was assigned to a domestic violence and stalking unit. His experience with the criminal element provides fodder for his writing. James’ stories have appeared in multiple journals and have received three Pushcart nominations. His books, The Siege and Call Me Pomeroy are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

Al Kratz


Al Kratz lives in Indianola, Iowa with his girlfriend and their adult sized kids whenever they come home. He is a reader for Wyvern Lit and writes fiction reviews for Alternating Current.

Katixa Agirre Miguélez 


Katixa Agirre Miguélez (Gasteiz, 1981) holds a PhD. in media studies and teaches at the University of the Basque Country. She has published two short story collections, Sua falta zaigu (We need a light 2009) and Habitat (2009). She has also written three children’s books. In 2010, she created a series of novels for young adults entitled Amaia Lapitz, which narrates the stories of the archaeologist and adventure-seeking Amaia Lapitz.Some of her short stories have been published in Catalan, Dutch and English.In 2015 she published her first novel Atertu Arte Itxaron (Wait Until it Stops Raining), drawing both popular and critical acclaim.

Oihana Andion Martinez


Oihana Andion Martinez (Iruñea, 1984) is a translator and interpreter. She holds a degree in translation from the University of the Basque Country and a master’s degree in Spanish literature from Washington State University. She has completed two creative writing programs from the Writing School of the Canary Islands. She lives in Boise, Idaho, since 2009.

Steve Mitchell


Steve Mitchell has been a construction worker, cowboy, substitute teacher, chef, and has developed and managed a mental health program for the chronic mentally ill. His work has published fiction in The Southeast Review, Contrary, The North Carolina Literary Review and The Adirondack Review, among others. His short story collection, The Naming of Ghosts, is available from Press 53. He is a winner of the Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Prize and has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. Steve has a deep belief in the primacy of doubt and an abiding conviction that great wisdom informs very bad movies. He is co-owner of Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Michelle McMillan-Holifield


Michelle McMillan-Holifield studied poetry at Delta State University in the Mississippi Delta. Her work has been included in or is forthcoming in Boxcar Poetry Review,Halfway Down the Stairs, The Found Poetry Review, poemmemoirstory, A Quiet Courage, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Windhover among others. She is an MFA Candidate at the University of Arkansas/Monticello.

Patty Somlo


Patty Somlo has received four Pushcart Prize nominations, been nominated for storySouth Million Writers Award and had an essay selected as a Notable Essay of 2013 for Best American Essays 2014. Author of From Here to There and Other Stories, Somlo has three forthcoming books:  a short story collection, The First to Disappear (Spuyten Duyvil, July 2016); a memoir, Even When Trapped Behind Clouds (WiDo Publishing), and Hairway to Heaven Stories (Cherry Castle Publishing). Her work has appeared in journals, in 2016 including the Los Angeles Review, the Santa Clara Review, Under the Sun, Guernica, Gravel, Sheepshead Review, WomenArts Quarterly and numerous anthologies. Find her at or follow on Twitter @PattySomlo.

Jim Weitz


Jim Weitz lives in China where he is studying for an MA in Applied Linguistics with a focus on critical discourse analysis from ‘mainstream’ perspectives. He spends some of his time in his native Washington DC, where he occasionally likes to visit bars and socially construct politically incorrect arguments with unsuspecting locals. This is his first published story.


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