Dean Baltesson / Poetry 6.2 / Fall, 2018





You are probably not aware
that I suffocate you
under the weight of poems
too heavy for anyone.

I have translated you from
one romantic language to another
using simple words
in a present tense that never occurs.

Are you even real
as I dance alone,
the only glimpse of you
from fatigue and memory?

I have learned
to sketch you in the silence
of a portrait speaking
so remotely each day.

I have authored my stupid passion
with only words
in a silence
of my own illustration.



Dean Baltesson is a poet and musician living in Victoria BC Canada. He is currently working on a volume of poetry entitled There Must be Words To Describe This. His poetry can be found in a number of online and print literary journals or on his recent CD “Covering Ground.”


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