Cassandra Rockwood-Rice / Poetry 5.2 / Fall, 2017


RSR’S William Carlos Williams Summer Poetry Prize Winner, 2017 






our nostalgia, ugly joy
Sunday crisp-cotton
pressed, ready for
gospel in a temple
missing gods

our children ache like tomatoes
soft, unacquainted with their
messiness. Here, in a village
overrun with paradise

our bare children run
rocky paths, in shining eyes
a specific hunger

only here it is not so much a
shortage of food as it is a
shortage of fathers.


Cassandra Rockwood-Rice is a single mother, birth doula, activist, artist, and writer. Her poems have been published in The New Delta Review, Savannah Art and Literature Magazine (SALit), Understory, Cirque, Oakland Review, Arkana Mag, and Rip Rap. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from California Institute of Integral Studies and is an MFA Writing candidate at California College of the Arts. Cassandra self-publishes a small Art and Literary Zine called “Rag,” she is interested in borders, identity, diasporas, and confession. She lives in with her daughter and two cats on a street with a Berkeley postal code and Oakland man-holes.


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