Sandra Kolankiewicz / Poetry 6.2 / Fall, 2018








Art © by Hiram Lewis Silver City, NM

Learning How To Travel

So for the hour that we waited for the train
we set aside our petty grievances and beloved
attachments to past insults. The newly-introduced
cousins ran up and down the platform in a gaggle
without realizing this would be the first and
last time they would ever play together,
the station tired and empty just past sunrise,
gravel parking lots in the distance. Our silence
was not of anger nor grief but rather the
sound that comes upon you when you
realize the nature of things. The world
has shifted under your feet, or a great
tsunami has scattered your beliefs far
and wide with the flotsam and jetsam
left behind in the wave’s retreat. We sat
on the bench, each aware we were about
to begin a great sorting on both of our
beaches, would end up retrieving pieces of
our lives, accept new belongings to bear,
cling to what we didn’t want but which
reminded us of home as we made our way
from there to here, marveling at the
distance, still trying to learn how to travel.


Over 300 hundred of Sandra Kolankiewicz’s poems have appeared widely, most recently in Adelaide, London Magazine, New World Writing, Per Contra, and Appalachian Heritage. Turning Inside Out was published by Black Lawrence.  Finishing Line has released The Way You Will Go and Lost in Transition.  Her novel Blue Eyes Don’t Cry won the Hackney Award, and her collaboration with artist Kathy Skerritt, When I Fell, a novel with 78 illustrations, is available from Web-e-books.


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