Theresa Hamman / Poetry 5.2 / Fall, 2017







a fracture
one dead eye
perched on a high
cliff watches

the plates shift.

you hear the way
the river glops over
an orange cascade,
weighty, dense, and

you carry
skins of rain
collected long before fires,
before all that acid,
and feel

the way your back
fissures open


oiling out
all black

creating new rivers.


Theresa Hamman is a poet from La Grande, Oregon. Her poems can be found in the following literary journals and magazines: The Tower Journal, Oregon East, basalt, The Paddock Review, and Nailed. She also teaches undergraduate composition and creative writing courses at Eastern Oregon University and Southern New Hampshire University. She earned her MFA in 2016 from Eastern Oregon University, where she was also the editor of the student literary journal Oregon East. Although she enjoys writing in all creative genres, her first love is poetry. She gets lost in the musicality of it and how it bends language to create new objects.


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