Red Savina Review (RSR) features authentic work of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Some of our contributors have been published in places such as Best American EssaysGlimmer Train, Georgia ReviewGreensboro Review,McSweeney’s, North American Review, Orion and Poetry. For others, RSR is the place of their first publication.


 Now reading submissions for our FALL 17′ issue on any topic. However, we’d like to read topics concerning the dangers of advanced technology–future technologies, future transhumanism and their threats to humanity. Other subject ideas include being hacked, trolled, etc.

Check back soon for our SUMMER POETRY CONTEST guidelines



Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering Red Savina Review as a home for your art. RSR looks forward to reading your original poems, short stories and creative nonfiction. Aesthetic schools are of little concern to us; what matters is that the poem, story or essay presents an authentic investigation into the concept of identity and how it constitutes human experience. Please read our Mission Statement before submitting. We are an online publication with kindle, PDF and ISSUU reading options.

Our reading periods are year round. Send us only your very best work. This is a highly competitive field. Our only criterion is quality.We take each submission seriously and look forward to reading your work. 

Prior to submission of any work, please read the Disclaimer Page and FAQ Page for important information regarding this publication.

Our policy: anyone 18 years of age and over may submit to the Red Savina Review. Please read to the bottom of the page before submitting!

Surprise us: We like writing that challenges you, the writer: writing that drags you out of your comfort zone, refuses to stroke your sense of self-esteem, writing that DARES you to let it have its say. Send us polished but evocative work. We like your truth, raw, authentic, brave, witty, thought-provoking, edgy, bold and spicy. We are partial to borderland themes just as we are to the red savina habanero but do not discriminate against other hot peppers or regions. If you happen to be fond of ghost peppers and live in Maine, as long as your love of language is authentic, give us a try. It’s not who you know or where you go, it is what you write. An exploration of the meaning of authenticity is key, no matter where you live, what you look like, or where you went to school.

RSR is in hot-pursuit of short literary fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction essays. We are open to nature writing with an edge. 




We seek original literary fiction. Micro-fiction 500 words or less. Flash fiction 1,000 words or less (you may include up to three pieces of micro and/or flash fiction in a single document per reading period).  Short stories of  5,000 words or less. No straight out genre pieces, though we will be happy to consider pieces that blur the lines between genres. Always number your pages. Include your name, address and e-mail on each page. Submit in .doc .docx .pdf  or .rtf format (12 point font). Please include an author biography of two to three sentences (100 words max).   Submit here.


Feel free to send up to 1-5 poems grouped in a single document (with page breaks) on any subject in any form. We like formal, experimental, free-verse, prose. We accept poems in English and Spanish.  We’re not interested in the “vulgar” details of your love life. However, we do accept romantic and/or realistic love poems. Do not submit any pornographic material. Poems must be typed and single spaced (double spaces will be interpreted as blank lines). Always number your pages. Include your name, address and e-mail on each page. Submit in .doc .docx .pdf  or .rtf format (12 point font). Please include an author biography of two to three sentences (100 words max). RSR welcomes simultaneous submissions. Please notify us promptly if your work has been accepted elsewhere. All withdrawals must be accomplished using the withdrawal feature of Submittable. To withdraw a single poem or some of the poems from multiple poems, you must withdraw the entire submission and resubmit available works for consideration. E-mail withdrawals are NOT permitted.  Submit here


We want honest, high-quality, literary creative nonfiction of 5,000 words or less, though we might consider longer work if it is exceptional. We are currently seeking exceptional creative nonfiction flash pieces. We prefer nonfiction that is built with the tools from a fiction writer’s toolbox. Again, we emphasize literary nonfiction. We also like nature writing with an edge, sarcastic humor and regional topics. Always number your pages. Include your name, address and e-mail on each page. Submit in .doc .docx .pdf  or .rtf format (12 point font). Please include an author biography of two to three sentences (100 words max).  Submit here.

Final decisions are made by the Founding Editor. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to make minor grammatical and punctuation corrections to submissions.

You grant Red Savina Review first-time North American publication rights for your contribution. All other rights to material published in the Red Savina Review are retained by the individual authors, photographers, and artists. All published work may be archived online.


RSR asks that the Youtube account from which the accepted submission was uploaded remain active for a minimum of six months after acceptance. All rights to film submissions are retained by the individual account holder.

Film submissions sent to RSR must be uploaded  and formatted to Youtube at your own risk.

Film submissions must be compliant with all Terms of Use as published by Youtube.

Film time limit 3-5 minutes.

Please include credits (cast and crew).

RSR prefers philosophical films that plunge into the concept of human identity.

DO NOT send pornographic or lewd films.

Send the link with your cover letter in  Submittable.

Submission Policy:

1)Work published in RSR may be retained in archives.

2) We do not accept hard-copy submissions by post or e-mailed submissions. Submissions sent via e-mail will be deleted unread.  We cannot be responsible for delay, loss, or damage.

3) Always number your pages. Include your name, address and e-mail on each page. Submit in .doc .docx .pdf  or .rtf format (12 point font). Please include an author biography of two to three sentences (100 words max).

4) Issues may be archived and available online. All work is subject to editing. This mainly pertains to spelling and grammar. In the case of more subjective changes, authors will receive an electronic version of the final proof of their work for approval prior to publication.

5) All work must be that of the poet and/or artist. If you send us a translation of another’s work, all legal responsibilities are yours.

6) Please use common courtesy and professionalism. We reserve the right to refuse service to rude people.

7) Submitted works should be in English unless prior permission has been granted.

8) Make sure your work is proofed and polished before submitting. We are writers as well and get rejected often (too bad so sad). With that in mind, please do not take rejections personally. We receive many more excellent submissions than we can publish. If your work has been rejected, please do not send it again. You may send new work during the following reading period. Always keep a copy of your work. Submit electronically as attachments. If we have published your work, we ask that you wait one issue before submitting again.

9) We are a nonprofit venture. We employ an online submission system submitallbuttonand require a $3 fee (much of which is taken by the online system management company). The cost of postage to mail a manuscript with SASE is somewhere between $2 and $3, and there are the additional costs for paper, envelopes, ink, and time and fuel spent packaging and going to the PO. Rather than the moolah going to the Postal Service, it goes to help support the very magazine in which you hope to publish. The system makes us more efficient, reduces our carbon footprint, and makes it easier for you to track your submissions. The fees will also allow us to keep publishing new issues. The $3 submission fee allows us to operate RSR and to publish voices that may otherwise go unheard. Rest assured we are not making any money on the venture and simply want to keep our heads above water and the journal operating. REPEAT: We do not consider work via our email account. It will be deleted unread.

10) Anyone 18 years of age and over may submit to the Red Savina Review.

 We nominate for major prizes, awards and anthologies.

Last but not least, please DO NOT request to make edits while we’re reading your work. If your work is accepted for publication, we’ll discuss edits at that time. We do not use the edit feature via the submittable system. Thank you.

To submit, go to Submittable 


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