Sarah Brown Weitzman



Art © by Artist Allen Forrest fr. RSR’s Featured Art Gallery



When I was a child
and first was told about God

I couldn’t understand
why those who believed

weren’t in a big hurry
to go to live with the Lord.

To commit suicide
seemed perfect proof of piety.

But it wasn’t until
I had my first kiss

that I understood finally
why everyone wants to dally.


Film by Wim Wenders

From Heaven’s faded blue
and chalk clouds
angels waft down.
Entering our world, no wonder
they are dazzled – terra
cotta roofs, grass, parrots
neon signs, poppies, oranges.

Folding their wings flat
they press in close
to eavesdrop on our minds.
Our thoughts rise
to a great hum
of human longings
they, too, recognize.

But only a few will rip
out their wings
for the ruined splendor
of this life. Only a few
will take on colored eyes,
don raucous plaid, fall
in love, then taste
their own tears.

Sarah Brown Weitzman, a Pushcart Prize nominee, has been widely published in hundreds of journals such as America, Zymbol, The North American Review, Rattle, Mid-American Review, Miramar, The Windless Orchard, Slant, Poet Lore, etc.  She received a Fellowship for “Excellence in Poetry” from the National Endowment for the Arts.  A departure from poetry, her fourth book, HERMAN AND THE ICE WITCH, was published by Main Street Rag.

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