“Red Savina Review provokes thought in its contributors and readers to achieve a stronger balance between emotion and intellect for electronic journals. The publishers’ implied wish is to raise the level of discourse within literature by truly honoring thinking, fearlessly.”

Author Rich Murphy

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“The namesake of the Red Savina Review is a hot habanero chili, and that’s an apt name for a magazine that’s not afraid to put emotion on the page.”  

-The Review Review 5 of 5 stars


Readers of this journal aren’t going to just sit down and have a quiet cup of tea. Open its pages and you will be put through something. You will be extruded out the other end, a little older and wiser. You will be entertained, and maybe even enlightened.

 The Review Review  5 of 5 stars


“This is a journal with bite, and blunt cold, and occasional unexpected fireworks.

Author Steve Mitchell


@RSavinaR: Way better than watching the #Oscars!”lilpepper2

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