Nick Conrad / 4.2 / Fall, 2016



Art © by Carol McCoy

On a Death

There should have been thunder,
there should have been lightning,
or at least a coyote’s wail.

In the end, no forewarning
could forestall his long sought
forgetting. Cacti should have wept

that night for the fair haired one,
hobbled and long past saving.
Afterwards, all was still,

as if some ghost kachina’s
dance was done, as if some
sand devil’s spinning was all spun.


unnamed (2)Nick Conrad’s poems appear most recently  Orbis (UK) and Southern Poetry Review,  Badlands,  Blast Furnace, Hawai’i Pacific Review, and Kentucky Review. Work appeared in Stoneboat, and accepted at The Cortland Review and Valparaiso Poetry Review. Other recent publications include issues of Blueline, Borderlands, The Chariton Review, Colere Dos Passos ReviewHawai’i Pacific Review, J JournalSouth Carolina Review, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, and Stand (UK). One of his poems has been featured on Verse Daily. Another was favorably mentioned in a review on websitenew Valparaiso Poetry Review’s Twitter list highlighted one of his poems as its Poem of the Week (2012). Poems recently appeared in P & Q Press’ anthology, Bridging New York. Several poems appeared in the Winterhawk Press Anthology Zeus Seduces.


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