Marisa Adame




Art © by Artist Carol McCoy (Upon A Prayer)

only prayer

i ask God to turn wide-jawed red river
back into water from which a pure child may drink
as i wake up with venial bruises
on my aorta
from ghost fingerprints’ pressing on self-destruction the night before

my God,
i am laying teeth at Your feet;
i have pulled them from the mouth of my woes
and i will keep bleeding and hope
he never feels thirsty

maybe he won’t leave
if the wine supply

the blood is releasing from my insides,
eager to turn itself into wine
with which he can satisfy himself.

my timid lips gape as sobs escape them;
purple gums gnash enamel into powder
fine enough to sugar his morning coffee with

purple gums, purple love:
a balance between bittersweet and beautiful.

dear God, i implore You:
compel him to drop the hands of his demons,
see them as devil,
lift his knees in swift departure
in assurance that something truer than blood river exists
with which he can cleanse his soul.

when his fingers brush the bottle top,
make daggers from the ridges.

direct him to a chapel
where the solar spots encircling his pupils will radiate
as Brother Sun smiles on our union through stained glass windows;
communicate to him that i will not be swept away in blood river

when demon comfort deserts him,
turn wine into life-giving liquid–
tell him i will take his fragmented moments and tie them up
with ampersand

seep into his sleeping.

plant an image in his dreamscape:
a seedling with brown skin and blue eyes–
give him life.


unnamedMarisa Adame, a Latina actress/poet/storyteller from Dallas, Texas, has acted internationally and competed at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. She has previously been published in St. Sucia zine. Currently completing college in Ohio, she seeks to create work that balances joy and despair through the use of rhythm in language.


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