Judith Cody/ Poetry 5.1/ Spring, 2017




Paleolithic utterances
flow upon love’s
ah—the last sweet part
lingers on then
sliced off clean
as salami.
Purity of dreams
chunked off
before realization
now enters
hominid reality
where the cannibals roam.
Judith Cody is a poet, composer and photographer who has won national awards in poetry, music and photography and is published in over 110 national and international journals. A poem is in the Smithsonian’s Institute’s permanent collection, in Spanish and English editions. Poems were quarter-finalists for the Pablo Neruda Prize and won honorable mentions from the National League of American Pen Women. Cody was Editor-in-Chief of the first “Resource Guide on Women in Music,” from San Francisco State University and wrote the internationally noted biography of the American composer, “Vivian Fine: A Bio-Bibliography,” Greenwood Press, also “Eight Frames Eight,” and “Woman Magic.” She edited the PEN Oakland anthology, “Fightin’ Words.”  One of her poems was chosen from a world selection by the Norton Center for the Arts to be featured in a gallery exhibit highlighting literature and photography. Her WWII B-17 photography ranks #1 in the world on Google. Her website is: www.judithcody.com


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