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“This is a journal with bite, and blunt cold, and occasional unexpected fireworks.”

Author Steve Mitchell



 Volume 2 Issue 1 


 Featuring William Aarnes, Amy Brunvand, Wayne F. Burke, Melanie J. Cordova, John Cullen, Nancy Dobson, Michelle Bonczek Evory, Brad Garber, Jeanne Lyet Gassman, Cynthia Gibbon, James Grabill, Stephen Gutierrez, Larry Jordan, Len Krisak, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Sheree Mack, Sean Padraic McCarthy, Josh Medsker, Jacqueline Michaud, Steve Mitchell, Kelly Morris, Alexander Motyl, Holly Painter, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Erica Seiler, Rebeka Singer, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Jessica Tyner, Robert Vivian and Howard Winn.


A Note from the Managing Editor


 Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” 

-Rainer Maria Rilke

First, I would like to thank our readers and donors; we do what we do for you. Kudos to Poetry Editor Rick Stansberger, Assistant Editor Matt Staley and Copy Editor Anthony Martin for volunteering their time and hard work. A special shout-out to Mary Lee MacDonald for her glowing five star review of RSR Fall 2013 in The Review Review.

Without the following writers, RSR Volume 2 Issue 1 would not exist:

ac062670-7319-4b8c-94a7-e1724b4b1991William Aarnes, Amy Brunvand, Wayne F. Burke, Melanie J. Cordova, John Cullen,Nancy Dobson, Michelle Bonczek Evory, Brad Garber, Jeanne Gassman, Cynthia Gibbon, James Grabill, Stephen Gutierrez, Larry Jordan, Len Krisak, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Sheree Mack, Sean Padraic McCarthy, Josh Medsker, Jacqueline Michaud, Steve Mitchell, Kelly Morris, Alexander Motyl, Holly Painter, Stan Sanvel Rubin, Erica Seiler, Rebeka Singer, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Jessica Tyner, Robert Vivian and Howard Winn.

A sincere thanks to everybody who submitted to this issue. From fertile ground sprouts healthy seeds, and your submissions are the warmth of sunlight that allows for germination.

To begin the transition into spring, our own Matt Staley interviewed talented nature and science writer Sharman Apt Russell on the topic of “Writing.” Russell remarked on the practice of fiction:

I love writing because making up stories, imagining new worlds, creating characters, fomenting drama, exploring new emotions is a natural form of pleasure, a natural way to play. I love the ability to be everything in a story—another gender, another race, another age, another person. Suddenly I am a king. Suddenly I am a fox. Suddenly I am a cloud, a storm, the darkening sky, the wind, and then a leaf in the wind….

Read more of the insightful conversation here.

The new issue is chock-full of smart creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry. You’ll notice a lavish bouquet of poems. With the thaw approaching, one must realize that the seeds must push through the mud before they can become beautiful flowers, and oftentimes seeds do not sprout at all; this is the nature of nature. Readers of this issue will experience an all-too-real anxiety—nihilism mushrooming, the disease called greed, restlessness and environmental woes—and acknowledge the spring muck is necessary to create the vibrant colors of flower blossoms.

You can also visit RSR’s audio series and listen to poets recite fine work. While you’re there, hear Robert Vivian read his dervishly stunning essay, “Come Again Good Rain,” and feel the whirling poetic energy.

In addition, I encourage readers to return to fabulous past volumes of RSR via the ISSUU library platform (free). The Kindle editions are available on for a small cost that helps us keep the operation running. The PDF versions in the archives are free of charge.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate several past and current contributors on their newly released books published or forthcoming in 2014: Michelle Bonczek Evory’s The Ghosts of Lost Animals  (Trio House Press, forthcoming); Jeanne Lyet Gassman’s Blood of a Stone (Tuscany Press); Stephen D. Gutierrez’s The Mexican Man in His Backyard, Essays and Stories (Roan Press, January); Khanh Ha’s The Demon Who Peddled Longing (Underground Voices, November);  James Hanna’s The Siege (Sand Hill Press, June); R.K. Marfurt’sCalling the Dead (Harvard Square Editions, May); Alexander Motyl’s  Fall River (forthcoming); Stan Sanvel Rubin’s There.Here. (Lost Horse Press); Sharman Apt Russell’s Diary of a Citizen Scientist (Oregon State University Press, Fall).

Now, if you value authentic voices and like what you see here as you read RSR, please consider helping us continue to serve the written word. Donations help keep RSR’s website in operation, help make renovations, and will assist with the preparation and promotion of our first themed anthology. We’d also like to publish a “Best of RSR” print edition in the near future. Donations are welcome here (anything for the muse!).  A genuine thank you again to our generous donors, as we could not do this without your help.





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