David Anthony Sam/ Poetry 4.2 / Fall, 2016



Art © by Gleah Powers (Embracement)

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Prayer of Vapor

I gather empty vapors from fog
trying to recall
a backward glance
out of a fading dream

I am the victim
of old growth
like a rock covered with the lichen
of ancient waiting

In cups of mournful hands
I pray with gray wanting
trying to recall
memories of salt water

The loom of sky
blackens my grieving—
the never betraying
promises of ever in a next life

I am made of such waiting
such gathering of mists
where flesh and dreams
conceive each other


ef655c55-efc8-4643-9de4-f072f649b20aDavid Anthony Sam is the grandson of Polish and Syrian immigrants. He has written poetry for over 40 years and has two collections, including Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves (2014). He lives in Virginia USA with his wife and life partner, Linda, and currently serves as president of Germanna Community College.www.davidanthonysam.com. He’s had poems accepted by  Buddhist Poetry Review,Carbon Culture Review, Clementine Poetry Journal, The Crucible, Empty Sink Publishing,FLARE: The Flager Review, From the Depths, Heron Tree, Hound, Literature Today. On the Rusk, Piedmont Virginian Magazine, The Scapegoat Review, Spirit Wind Poetry Gallery, The Summerset Review, These Fragile Lilacs, and The Write Place at the Write Time.


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