Chris Hosea





To X
test what buried spark she drove to
groove in what connects an art graven form
all dropped made them heavy felt in there hurt
dead rabbits use inside voices softener city
line let out vector tremble dips from stick
dead lake ham sandwich accident
sinks so fast soggy feeling to squishy mulch
plumb line can you swim you belly bottom
then American green fabric travel nude feet
trace a toe Sharpied flower permanent hangs out
symbol for to hover taken spaces stone brace corners
fast at times though wind goes under gets to lift
and below try breathing loam classes support
so you could hear yourself think you think this is
colors day one alarms to empty amber
were you there when I called you were are
now or never floors slant above at left
down as them windows smack shut sills kiss
with a suck girl trembles dayrooms she is
more pretty becoming empty just what goes on
bachelor father feeling to plug your butt I mean my own
sleep-robed synthetic vibrations good
put out her page-boy at fast highway miles
clowning star-stuck pair of eyes hungering
lurch at the light to crane the wrong way
a primitive paste bright light slap me it’s the hurt I like
and though the forest do darken I don’t stir
you are a desirable person kind and patient
I found a grey sock and some underwear looked like
you are a narcissistic person who cares little for others
turn it over tie it slide it under places
turn the freshly framed picture to the wall
nimble fingers barely move in spit in drool
you are a successful artist a worthy addition
to our avant-garde tradition
you can disassociate what you to do pay for
she is Christmas a fresh tree just screwed at base
you are a good friend a loyal person
you are generous with friends and strangers
you lack empathy and show disregard for others’ feelings
you misrepresent your emotional needs
this comes out of my head drips down it and more
the work is never the world never your energy too
why do you have to listen to where that could get
thank you for making this possible it means a lot
like teaching me about art
and how to make a living around it a split life
in which you cordon off a half and disappear


unnamedChris Hosea is a graduate of Harvard College at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst MFA. John Ashbery selected his first book, Put Your Hands In (LSU Press, 2014) for the Walt Whitman Award. He lives in Brooklyn. See for more. Read RSR’s interview with Hosea available here.


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