“The namesake of the Red Savina Review is a hot habanero chili, and that’s an apt name for a magazine that’s not afraid to put emotion on the page.”

 -The Review Review 


 “Readers of this journal aren’t going to just sit down and have a quiet cup of tea. Open its pages and you will be put through something. You will be extruded out the other end, a little older and wiser. You will be entertained, and maybe even enlightened.”  

The Review Review  5 of 5 stars

The Red Savina Review (RSR) is an independent, bi-annual, literary e-zine that brings on innovative heat. RSR is a nonprofit literary review headquartered in southwestern New Mexico. We must thank the net that the voice of the independent press cannot be suppressed.  We believe in concepts such as existential noir, depth, and spirit. RSR promotes original work from authentic voices. Though we are in no way opposed to craft, we feel craft should never trump voice. Readers may like what we offer or they may not; that is their choice and choice is life. Read our Mission Statement.

Founded August, 2012. First issue released Spring 2013 (March 15).


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