Eva-Maria Sher / Poetry 5.1 / Spring, 2017




My Best Beloved still dreams of me
the way I looked at twenty.
He likes to tease about my
beauty—Rubenesque now—
and asks me to spread
less butter on bread
because he loves me better

If only, my Beloved
you could try
a few assorted
menopausal moments
a taste of what it’s like:
your body changing
in ways that may just be
beyond control—acceptance
the rarest remedy.
Less shapely garments
goodwill toward
the force of nature
and yes—perhaps to spread
less butter on  bread.

Are you, who claim to love me
Best Beloved
reluctant to accept
that I have walked beside you
for nearly thirty years
and gravity has had its pull?

Can you still see the one
beneath the outer form:
woman of years
flowering wiser, stronger
more sweetly by our love
than when we met at twenty?

Eva-Maria Sher was born in Germany at the end of WWII. She was already writing poems as a child. At seventeen, she emigrated to the United States, studied literature, taught, raised three children, and in the past ten years rediscovered her passion for writing. She lives near Seattle, Washington, where she offers workshops for children and adults in poetry, book-making, collage, and puppetry.



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