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The Frontier of Literature

RSR 4.1 Cover Art by Allen Forrest

4.1 Released March, 2016

Welcome to Red Savina Review Issue 4.1. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

Beaux Arts, Rhodies By The Lane” an oil on canvas is our Volume 4 Issue 1 cover art, the work of Canada-based artist Allen Forrest. He is the winner of the Leslie Jacoby Honor for Art at San Jose State University’s Reed Magazine and his Bel Red painting series is part of the Bellevue College Foundation’s permanent art collection.

RSR’s “Poetry Contest Issue” includes:

Roy Bentley, Mary Cresswell, Allen Forrest, Alex Haber, Michelle McMillan-Holifield, Theresa Hamman, James Hanna, Al Kratz, Eleanor Lerman, Oihana Andion Martinez, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Joshua Medsker, Katixa Agirre Miguélez, Steve Mitchell, Daniel Moore, Rich Murphy, Caleb Nelson, Lois Roma-Deeley, Stanley Rubin, David Anthony Sam, Elizabeth Savage, D.N. Simmers, Patty Somlo , Matt Tordoff, Robert Vivian and Jim Weitz.

We received so many high quality submissions to The Denise Levertov Memorial Poetry Prize, making it very difficult on the judges to decide on a winner.

We’re proud to announce the winner of The Denise Levertov Memorial Poetry Prize is Elizabeth Savage for her poem “Pacific.” She’ll receive the prize of $250.

Poet’s Statement: “Having recently written a chapter for The Cambridge History of 20th Century Women’s Poetry volume on token women in 20th century poetry movements, I’ve had Levertov (and Guest) on my mind and rejoice in this opportunity to support her poetic legacy. Like me, I think, Levertov wrote between lyric categories. Studying women poets neglected in histories of the avant garde has reoriented my own poetry in ways that have led me to more courageous experiments.”

Our Basque Language Editor Nere Lete accepts fiction by Basque writer Katixa Agirre Miguélez translated by Oihana Andion Martinez.

And finally, there is the written word that is the heart blood of our endeavors. To be frank, outstanding work is hard to find, but it’s still out there. It’s up to you to keep sending work in and we’ll do our best to separate the wheat from the chaff.  RSR’s contributors of, poetry, nonfiction and fiction are prime examples of whole grain goodness. We thank all of our contributors for allowing us to bring their exceptionalism into the world.


Warm regards,

Wendy Gist

Red Savina Review Cover art 2015

3.2 “Brooklyn War Memorial 5” by artist Howard Skrill

William Aarnes, Terry Barr, Sheila Bender, Perle Besserman, Byron Beynon, Wayne Burke, Yuan Changming, Ryan Cordle, L.G. Corey, Anna Davis, Alissa DeLaFuente, Sara Dupree, Uxue Alberdi Estibaritz, Allen Forrest, Susan Gaissert, Sarah Ghoshal, Sue Granzella, Richard Krause, Priscilla Luclas, Sophia Luo, Carol McCoy, John Milas, Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Christina Murphy, Neela Nandyal, .Douglas Penick, Janelle Rainer, Elizabeth Ray, Tammy Ruggles, C.C. Russell, Abigail Shaw, Howard Skrill, Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Louis Staeble, Jen Stein, Richard Vyse,  Ken Waldman, Karen J. Weyant, Gina Williams, Dr. E. Williamson, Howard Winn, Bill Wolak, Christopher Woods and Robert Zurer.




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